Lenneke and Lydia at the Western Girls Training Centre

Clothes make the woman, that is the slogan that we used at our wardrobe sale. With the sales, we sponsered the Western Girls Training Centre. Gina told us that they need beds and matrasses. In our naviety, we thought: going fast to the Ikea and done. However, we were wrong when we arrived in Takoradi. With Gina’s pick up truck, off we go. By the side of the road, we pick up the beds. For the matrasses, we park the car in a busy shopping streat. We also buy another sewing machine and a fan.

The next day, we visit the Training Centre ourselfs. We saw the old sleeping place where the mats are still against the wall. The new beds are in the central room, underneath the fan. Outside the girls are busy: the machines purr, now and then they are laughing and talking. Teacher Theresa gives instructions. Gina explains: “The girls work on assignment. A skirt for an aunt, a bag for a sister. That is how they make their money and are being independent.”

After that, they make a bag and a beautiful scarf for us. With patience, they shred the fabric to make tassel. The scarf has been placed on our heads and with a lot of laughing we make pictures. We have to say goodbye. The girls are making jokes that they want to have a holiday the next dat. To sleep in in their new beds.

Written by Lenneke

The girls and the board would like to thank Lenneke and Lydia from the Netherlands